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 Lvl80 hunter application

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PostSubject: Lvl80 hunter application   Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:52 pm

--- Personal Info ---
- Real Name: Roope aka. Charlie
- Your age: 15
- You live in Finland

--- Character Info ---
- WoW Character Name(s): Jonesi
- Race: Dwarf
- Class: Hunter
- Spec:53/18/0
- Flying Mount (yes/no/epic): Epic

--- Usual Play Times (list all times you will be on close to 100% of the time) ---
Sunday: 15.00 -> 23.00
Monday: 15.00 -> 23.00
Tuesday: 15.00 -> 23.00
Wednesday: 15.00 -> 23.00
Thursday: 15.00 -> 23.00
Friday: 24/7
Saturday: 24/7
*Refer to our raid times above - we raid from 8pm-11pm- you will be expected to make most of the raids at those times.

--- Professions ---
- Trade Skill 1: Herbalism 450/450
- Trade Skill 2: Engineering 398/450
- 450 First Aid (yes/no): Yes
- Fishing?: Yes
- Cooking?: Yes

--- Resists --- (if you have resist gear)
- Fire: 0
- Frost: 0
- Nature: 0
- Shadow: 0

--- Current Equipment ---

--- Raiding Questions ---
- Can you maintain a high attendance for raids (at least 3/4 raids per week)? Yes, mostly, but there might be some exceptions due irl
- Can you afford your own repair bills and supply your own pots (we can spend 40-60 gold on repairs a day learning new encounters). Yes
- Do you have a stable internet connection? Yes
- Can your computer handle raid environments? Yes
- Do you have Ventrilo? Mic? Yes
- What Raid instances are you familiar with? Pre TBC, BC and Wotlk: yes

--- WoW History ---
- Started playing (month, year): Since WoW was at beta phase, 5 years.
- Time played (/played): 99d 21h
- Previous guilds & reasons for leaving each: Im in Warriors of Fate atm, made that with my friend to get back space.

--- Thought Questions ---
- Why do you want to be a part of The Eleventh Hour?: Good raiding guild and yeah, it feels like home
- What makes you stand out from other applicants?: Nothing, everyone are equal in my opinion
- What are your expectations here? Friendly and good progressing guild.
- We use a dkp system, and it may be a bit before you see any gear from 25 mans. Everyone currently in the guild understands, that gear is given out not only to reward the individual active player, but for guild progression. Do you understand and accept that? I do


Most of you can remember me as little dickhead, yeah, It's me, Jusazki.
I wrote the apologies long time ago, so, not going to write them again.
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl80 hunter application   Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:40 am

I am willing to give you a second chance, of course that means you put one step out of line your gone.
Of course my decision isn't going to help the other officers will have a look an get back to you.
You made a mistake and we all make mistakes but i am wiling to forgive you Very Happy
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PostSubject: charlie   Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:38 pm

give us furst an explenation why you did all thath stuff to our forum.
wasnt a good idea to do thath kinda things .becouze thath yust wasnt right .
Was just plain dumm and stupid .
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl80 hunter application   

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Lvl80 hunter application
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