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 Asoriath level 80 Death Knight

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PostSubject: Asoriath level 80 Death Knight   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:08 am

--- Personal Info ---
- Real Name: Stefan Jongsma
- Your age: 17 (4 march 18 Wink )
- You live in The Netherlands

--- Character Info ---
- WoW Character Name(s):
Asoriath (main DK)
Phelorius (Alt Warr)

- Race: Human
- Class: Deathknight
- Spec: Unholy
- Flying Mount (yes/no/epic):
Yes, I have a normal flying mount Wink haha, dislike epic flying blegh. Razz

--- Usual Play Times (list all times you will be on close to 100% of the time) ---
Sunday: 14:00 / 0:00
Monday: 14:00 / 0:00
Tuesday: 14: 00 / 0:00
Wednesday: 14:00 / 0:00
Thursday: 14:00 / 0:00
Friday: 14:00 / 0:00
Saturday: 14:00 / 0:00 <--- This all might seem Nolife Razz but have alot of breaks trough these times
*Refer to our raid times above - we raid from 8pm-11pm- you will be expected to make most of the raids at those times.

--- Professions ---
- Trade Skill 1:None
- Trade Skill 2: None
- 450 First Aid (yes/no): No
- Fishing?: Nope
- Cooking?: Nope <---- Might sound lazy but didnt take any proff just because i spend alot of money on it...Sad

--- Resists --- (if you have resist gear)
- Fire:0
- Frost: 0
- Nature: 0
- Shadow: 0

--- Current Equipment --- (please link armory page)

--- Raiding Questions ---
- Can you maintain a high attendance for raids (at least 3/4 raids per week)? Surely can easily Smile

- Can you afford your own repair bills and supply your own pots (we can spend 40-60 gold on repairs a day learning new encounters).
Daily's FTW!! Wink

- Do you have a stable internet connection? Yep i do Wink

- Can your computer handle raid environments? I Can Very Happy

- Do you have Ventrilo? Mic? Even Both!

- What Raid instances are you familiar with? Pre TBC, BC and Wotlk . Done all of the raids in TBC (only sunwell not) WOTLK did all and Pre only didnt do AQ Smile

--- WoW History ---
- Started playing (month, year):
2004 Smile

- Time played (/played):
On Asoriath i have : 9 Days and 9 hours

- Previous guilds & reasons for leaving each:
De Oranje Leeuw : Because it was a lowbie guild left at level 80 Wink
The Tainted (still in it atm) : They only take the same groups for raids...

--- Thought Questions ---
- Why do you want to be a part of The Eleventh Hour?:
It's a progressing guild Smile and teamed with a few in Heroics, i know that you guys are friendly so Wink .

- What makes you stand out from other applicants?:
I've got a nice sword *drools*

- What are your expectations here?
Well, friendly and helpfull guild ofcourse Wink and raiding.

- We use a dkp system, and it may be a bit before you see any gear from 25 mans. Everyone currently in the guild understands, that gear is given out not only to reward the individual active player, but for guild progression. Do you understand and accept that?

I Do Wink
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Asoriath level 80 Death Knight
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