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 Vorénus wants to join(lvl80 dk)

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PostSubject: Vorénus wants to join(lvl80 dk)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:20 pm

--- Personal Info ---
- Real Name:Lennart
- Your age:16(and a half)
- You live in .......Belgium!

--- Character Info ---
- WoW Character Name(s):Vorénus
- Race:Human
- Class:Death Knight
- Spec:Blood(after some tests noticed that blood was beter for pve)
- Flying Mount (yes/no/epic):Yes but not epic

--- Usual Play Times (list all times you will be on close to 100% of the time) ---
Sunday:11am-11pm(with breaks for diner/tv and such)
Tuesday:Got badminton so normally i wont be on unless theirs somthing important i can allways skip it and be on from 8pm-11pm
Friday:7pm-depends wont go further then 4am though
Saturday:11am-same as above
*Refer to our raid times above - we raid from 8pm-11pm- you will be expected to make most of the raids at those times.

--- Professions ---
- Trade Skill 1:Mining
- Trade Skill 2:Smithing(but havent trained one of em properly and was cosidering switching to herb/alch
- 450 First Aid (yes/no):Allmost but got about 300frostcloth atm
- Fishing?:150+(sry its boring)
- Cooking?:325

--- Resists --- (if you have resist gear)
- Fire:/
- Frost:/
- Nature:/
- Shadow:/ if you guys need me to get some of these tell me and ill do my best to get em.

--- Current Equipment --- (please link armory page)
--- Raiding Questions ---
- Can you maintain a high attendance for raids (at least 3/4 raids per week)?Yes i can
- Can you afford your own repair bills and supply your own pots (we can spend 40-60 gold on repairs a day learning new encounters).Yes
- Do you have a stable internet connection?Yes
- Can your computer handle raid environments?Jupz Quad Core gaming computer
- Do you have Ventrilo? Mic?Yes but i'm not too familair with vent(used ts mostly)
- What Raid instances are you familiar with? Pre TBC, BC and Wotlk
VoA 10/25 man(sry but my old guild allmost never raided):
--- WoW History ---
- Started playing (month, year):24/12/06
- Time played (/played):1081 according to xfire but not only on my dk ofcours
- Previous guilds & reasons for leaving each: I joined Shield and Friend because ive been their for atleast one year with my hunter it was a friendly guild but i wanted to start doing raids/Heroic dungeons then i joined Seventh Heaven because they told me they did raids in naxx i had allot of patience with the guild because they were clearly not up to raiding naxx then when we finelly did Naxx i couldnt come because they had too many dps allready altough they invited me for it... they wiped in the beginning didnt take too long next time they canceled it(about 2weeks ago) then 2 or 3 days ago we were gonna try again but again i couldnt come.... i liked to ppl in the guild they were friendly but i really wanne start raiding and if they have too many dps allready i need another guild(and a beter one with more then 1raid evry 14 days so i left) and now i'm applying here:)

--- Thought Questions ---
- Why do you want to be a part of The Eleventh Hour?:Seems like a nice active guild allso know some ppl who are allso from belgium(vervekke)
- What makes you stand out from other applicants?:I'm active loyal to my guilds and not at all greedy for items and such.
- What are your expectations here?Too have fun and to do some nice raids with the guild.
- We use a dkp system, and it may be a bit before you see any gear from 25 mans. Everyone currently in the guild understands, that gear is given out not only to reward the individual active player, but for guild progression. Do you understand and accept that?I do

I hope i can join
Greetz Vorénus Very Happy
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Vorénus wants to join(lvl80 dk)
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