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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:50 pm

You agree to our Guild and Raid Policy This is extremely important!!

The title of your thread should be your character's name level class and spec. Example: Trono 70 Prot Warrior

General requirements:
The Eleventh Hour is a casual raiding guild at heart. We try to make it as casual as is possible to still function and down new content. For example - nobody will be booted for missing a few raids. However, your reason for being here, should be to raid with us.We plan to progress very quickly, and if you're up for the challenge, and ready to be committed and competent, we'd love to have you.

If your application is not replied to within 2-3 days, consider it denied.

Our current raid times are (all listed in server time)
8PM - 11PM. We usually start inviting sooner so we are able to pull the first mob at 8PM (theoreticly, but logging in at 8PM sharp is not a bright idea) Naturally we expect our raiders to make all of the raids. If you cant, due to some extenuating circumstance, send an officer an in-game mail.

Note: All players will be invited as a Trial member. The trial period is 30 days , but can be shorter/longer depending on a member's activeness. This is a time that you 'check us out', and we see what you're like as a gamer - whether you are mature, punctual, prepared for raids, and are able to follow directions. If for any reason you feel you don't want to be a part of this guild, you are free to leave with no strings attached. In return, if we feel you are not compatible with our guild and/or its members, we reserve the right to kick you at any time. Warnings will be given, but if you're an asshole, chances are a warning won't do you much good.

Ventrilo is required. As is your ability to listen and speak
A computer that won't shut down randomly during raids is required.
A stable internet connection is required.
For 25-man raid content, you MUST bring your own consumables (potions, cooked food, flasks, etc)

We are here to have fun. But it is our belief that fun should be done in an organized way to get the most out of it. Following rules and being mature is the way to contribute to that.

The title of your thread should be your character's name level class and spec. Example: Trono 70 Prot Warrior
It is also very important that you post a working armory link with your PvE gear equipped. If you only have pvp gear, do yourself and us a favor, don't apply it will be rejected.

--- Personal Info ---
- Real Name:
- Your age:
- You live in .......

--- Character Info ---
- WoW Character Name(s):
- Race:
- Class:
- Spec:
- Flying Mount (yes/no/epic):

--- Usual Play Times (list all times you will be on close to 100% of the time) ---
*Refer to our raid times above - we raid from 8pm-11pm- you will be expected to make most of the raids at those times.

--- Professions ---
- Trade Skill 1:
- Trade Skill 2:
- 450 First Aid (yes/no):
- Fishing?:
- Cooking?:

--- Resists --- (if you have resist gear)
- Fire:
- Frost:
- Nature:
- Shadow:

--- Current Equipment --- (please link armory page)

--- Raiding Questions ---
- Can you maintain a high attendance for raids (at least 3/4 raids per week)?
- Can you afford your own repair bills and supply your own pots (we can spend 40-60 gold on repairs a day learning new encounters).
- Do you have a stable internet connection?
- Can your computer handle raid environments?
- Do you have Ventrilo? Mic?
- What Raid instances are you familiar with? Pre TBC, BC and Wotlk

--- WoW History ---
- Started playing (month, year):
- Time played (/played):
- Previous guilds & reasons for leaving each:

--- Thought Questions ---
- Why do you want to be a part of The Eleventh Hour?:
- What makes you stand out from other applicants?:
- What are your expectations here?
- We use a dkp system, and it may be a bit before you see any gear from 25 mans. Everyone currently in the guild understands, that gear is given out not only to reward the individual active player, but for guild progression. Do you understand and accept that?
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Application Template
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